Our Mission

To maintain the Montessori tradition by providing current and
comprehensive child development services in the Montessori Method
of Education, fully equipped with Montessori teaching apparatus and
qualified teachers committed to early childhood education. We also
believe that each child is unique & special and should be given the
choice to have laughter,fun and joy during their learning years.

Parent Involvement

1. Two educational trips will be organised , one for the first semester and another for the second semester.

2. Parent Teachers Meeting will be held twice a year to discuss pupils development in all areas.

3. Mother’s Day Tea with all mothers.

4. Moon Cake festival gathering, Chinese New Year/Hari Raya party, Easter Egg Hunt

5. Annual Concert & Graduation day.


Emergency & Safety Procedures

1. The school gates are closed after 8.45a.m/9.15 a.m.

2. The children must be fetched only by the parent or guardian.

3. Fire drills are held regularly to prepare children in cases of fire. The school is equipped with fire extinguishers and fire exits.

4. Children with transmittable diseases are not allowed in the premises .

5. Parents wishing the school to administer any medicine must first inform the school and must give consent in writing to do so.