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What Is Montessori Education and The Montessori Environment?

It is based on the Montessori Method which is the bedrock of all early childhood education. It is a scientifically method founded by Maria Montessori. The method can be defined as:-

  • A child centred approach, learning through his five senses-sounds, textures, colours, smells and tastes. It recognizes the importance of the child’s 1st six years when his powers of absorption are highest , life long attitudes are formed and to tap his sensitive periods of learning;
  • Freedom of the child to interact with his environment which is carefully prepared, planned and structured using concrete materials to choose at his own pace;
  • Specially designed Montessori apparatus to explore, develop concentration, refine motor skills, develop self-confidence and independence and be socially well adjusted.
  • The role of the teacher as a care-taker, facilitator and observer to stimulate, nurture and scaffold the childs learning to achieve his full potential and total personality.



Prepares your child notjust for school but for LIFE;

Aims for total development of your child;Capitalizes on your childs sensitive periods and absorbent minds;

Develop childs love of learning through Montessori materials which is learning through play;Lessons are carefully tailored from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract.

Develop well balanced, confident and creative children.



A Montessori Child is one who is:- filled with self-confidence, creative, self-Disciplined & psychologically fulfilled.

Trained Teachers

Teachers are trained to ensure that the children benefit from the prepared environment

Trips/ Visits

Educational Outings are planned twice a year to different places of interests, presentations, talks by the fire dept, visits by Milk companies, visits by the Health Depts.

Parental Involvement

PTA are held to discuss with parents on their childs development, progress reports recorded and presented

Open Day/Concert

Bringing children and parents together to enjoy the performances by their children; Mooncake festival celebrations, festival celebrations.

Culture Projects

Presentations on all the different festivals in the country, art & craft projects, music & movement. Themes: Zoology, Botany, Solar Systems, Geography , History and science.