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Montessori Daffodils first started its operations in 2003 in a double-storey corner unit in the quiet suburbs of Bandar Sri Damansara at Jalan Meranti. Currently its running its centre at No 2, Jalan Kiara SD 11/3F , Bandar Sri Damansara under Tadika Montessori Daffodils . It offers Montessori Education between the ages of 2 -6 years and is a registered Tadika under the perview of Ministry Of Education, Malaysia.



There are five main areas to the curriculum where the materials are specifically designed according to the standards to introduce the child. The areas are namely:-


A multi-sensory approach to reading and writing through phonics- introduced to sounds of the alphabets to build words, activities with the Pink , Blue & Green series, grammar activities, story telling, rhymes, creative writing, composition and comprehension.


Using materials from concrete to abstract to learn numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication , division and the decimal system.


Develop visual, tactile, auditory, gustatory & olfactory senses through the range on Montessori materials. The materials lay a foundation for later concepts in maths, geometry, science, geography, music & art.


Exercises to promote self-development, manipulative skills & coordination, care of the environment, grace & courtesy lessons, art & craft, daily activities to ensure independence in the child to take care of himself.


Zoology, Botany, Biology, Geography, History and Science.


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What Is Montessori Education and The Montessori Environment?

It is based on the Montessori Method which is the bedrock of all early childhood education. It is a scientifically method founded by Maria Montessori. The method can be defined as:-A child centred approach, learning through his five senses-sounds, textures, colours, smells and tastes. It recognizes the importance of the childs 1st six years when his powers of absorption are highest , life long attitudes are formed and totap his sensitive periods of learning;

Freedom of the child to interact with his environment which is carefully prepared, planned and structured using concrete materials to choose at his own pace;Specially designed Montessori apparatus to explore, develop concentration, refine motor skills, develop self-confidence and independence and be socially well adjusted.The role of the teacher as a care-taker, facilitator and observer to stimulate, nurture and scaffold the childs learning to achieve his full potential and total personality.